Detailed Coverages

This section will include articles on the finer points of Florida homeowners insurance policies including an article on endorsements, rating policies, the dwelling program, flood coverage, personal liability, and more.   We will also write articles on the various companies that offer homeowners insurance policies in Florida including the taker of all risk Citizens.

This particular article is about the Florida homeowners policy’s general conditions such as changes, assignments, subrogation, and death of the insured.

Under the Cancellation condition, Florida law requires an insurer to give 100 days advance written notice of cancellation, including the reasons for such cancellation, except for cancellation for nonpayment of premium or cancellation during the first 90 days during which the insurance is in force.

For cancellation for nonpayment of premium, 10 days written notice of cancellation, accompanied by the reason, must be provided.  For cancellation other than nonpayment of premium during the first 90 days the policy is in force, at least 20 days advance notice, and the reason for cancellation, must be given, except where that has been material misrepresentation or misstatement or a failure to comply with the underwriting requirement of the insurer.

The insurer must give 100 days written notice of n0nrenwal, stating the reasons for non-renewal or, if it elects to renew the policy, 45-days written notice of the renewal premium.  If the cancellation or non-renewal is to take effect after June 1st and before November 30th, then the company is required to give 100 days written notice or written notice  by June 1st, whichever is earlier.  If the insured has had coverage with the same company or company group for a period of at least five years the company must give 180 days notice of cancellation or non-renewal.


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