The Florida homeowners is a package policy that protects against economic loss to residences and personal property,  and legal liability for injuries and damage arising from residences and personal activities.  Many people do not realize that homeowners policies also will protect the insured from lawsuits and off property accidents in many circumstances.

In order to qualify for a Florida homeowners policy you must be an owner-occupant of 1-4 family dwellings, be a renter who maintains a residence in any type of building, a condo owner or coop apartment occupants (there is not many co-ops in Florida).  Thus you cannot be a corporation or entity like a partnership.  A trust can be a named insured though.

There is also a limit on how many roommates you can have so don’t get more than 2 boarders per family occupancy.  Certain incidental occupancy is allowed such as running a home office or studio.  Also farming for business is an explicit no, however light, weekend, fun farming is of course allowed, though not necessarily encouraged.  I myself am considering an ant farm because I can’t find any restrictions on that.

If your home is being built or rebuilt, then your Florida home policy will cover it.  If you stay in a mobile home or trailer you are not eligible for a home policy.  However, a renter of a mobile or trailer home can be eligible for the renters form; and some Florida companies will let you do a home policy with a special endorsement to cover your mobile home.

So who is covered?  The named insured obviously, the residing spouse (notice that residing is specified), residing relatives, and any person under 21 who is in the care of the insured or residing spouse/relative.  Even students at college can be covered under a Florida homeowners policy up to age 24 assuming that they are related to the insured and under age 24, and a full time student.


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