Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability coverage in Florida, which can be written with or separately from a dwelling policy, provides coverage for liabilities arising from private residences and personal activities.  It also include Medical Payments to Others coverage.

Personal liability coverage is available to owner-occupants and nonowner-occupants (for renters) of any dwelling type (home, condo, mobile home, etc.)

The forms are not identical, but Personal Liability coverage performs the same coverage function as Section II of a Florida Homeowners policy.

Under the Personal Liability coverage, insureds include all family members of the named insured, and anyone under 21 in the care of a family member.

The minimum basic limits are $100,000 for Liability and $1,000 for Medical Payments, and the Damage to Property of Others feature has a limit of $500.  There is no built in coverage for loss assessments by condo/homeowners association but it can be added by endorsement.  There is a $10,000 limit on vicarious parental liability.

Coverage by endorsement may be added to cover incidental business pursuits and certain watercraft.  No farming exposures are covered or personal injury coverage is extended.

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